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Sometimes the world seems cruel and harsh, and the only thing that keeps you going is the prospect of something good in the future. That "something good in the future" is here, right now. It is not something you can manifest in the future, because the future really does not exist as a reality. It is in this now you can take action toward how you want things to be. Let go of trying to work your way to non-resistance. As the word implies, non-resistance is the opposite of work. Let go of trying so hard, let go of trying to get to somewhere that looks good in your mind.

The truth of the matter is that matter is the illusion. Matter, as in 3D, is nothing else than a manifestation of the spiritual energies surrounding you. Matter can be considered illusion, because it contains only a small part of the whole truth. To see the whole truth you must let go.

Letting go is a simple concept, but for the ego it is the most complicated thing there is. The ego can never understand non-resistance, because the ego functions because of resistance. Letting go of resistance means to let go of ego. It means letting go of an illusion that is kept in place by a false sense of security. Letting go does not mean letting go of who you are, because who you are is all there is.

Identity is nothing else than the filter of your ego. Ego is only what your brain can define and judge. Letting go of ego is not a scary thing, but ego likes to tell you that it is. Ego is afraid of letting go, for letting go means the end of ego, it is letting go of the computer program that is running your thoughts.

Now, all this is not said to imply that the ego is a bad guy. The ego is beautiful because without the ego you could not have experienced all the great things you have. The ego is seen as an illusion because it hides the truth for you, it hides who you really are. This is what you made the ego for, you made the ego so you could overcome it. Let the ego go, or should we rather say set the ego free.

The ego is not out to hurt you, the ego is doing its very best to keep you safe. The ego is your guardian angel in the 3D plane, but it is a guardian angel with a very limited consciousness. Let your consciousness grow and your ego’s consciousness will grow with it. The ego will still be around for you to take pleasure in, but as your consciousness grows you will not be limited by it. Letting go of something does not necessarily mean that it vanishes.

Everything that is ever created will continue to stay around and evolve (from a linear perspective) , but letting go of it means you are not tied down by it. It means you got access to the truth as it really is, it means looking beyond duality, judgement and definition.

Let go of struggle, worry and pain, for by doing that you can see it for what it really is. It is tools you have used to travel the earth-plane with, nothing more. Let it go. Stop shoving it away, resisting it and put your attention on it. Just let it be, let your higher self love it. Your higher self sees everything for what it is. It sees through the illusions and into the heart of things, it sees only love.

Let go my friend, it is safe. We promise…

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