A Giant Footprint in the Field. Crop Circle Appeared at Hoeckelheim, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). Reported 14th August.

by CROP CIRCLES DECLASSIFIED on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 5:06am

To correctly decode this formation, we have to see the crop formation of clock first. Otherwise, it is very difficult to fully understand the
message. I think it is the reason why those two crop circles appeared in
Lower Saxony on the same day. Circle makers are telling us these two
formations are related to each other. Without the interpretation of the
crop clock, the interpreter will likely miss the timing of this
footprint formation and get the wrong message in the end. So this is why
circle makers are so awesome that they already put into consideration
of the obstacles that interpreters might encounter. So this footprint
formation is telling us what will happen in 2012. Let’s look at the part
in red circle first.



This area symbolizes distortion. It means after the incidence in 2012, the global climate and environment are seriously destroyed and completely
changed like they have been twisted and beyond recognition. Survived
human beings have to make a scheme as soon as possible and find a new
way to adapt to the world so they can continue with life and progress to
the new civilization.



The most important aspect of the new way is the energy supply will change from solar energy to geothermal energy. As mentioned, Sinkholes will be
the output of geothermal energy. Therefore, according to the
distribution of sinkholes, the whole planet will be divided into 4
living areas. The A, B, C & D 4 areas encircled by red lines
represent the 4 main living areas in the future. What I would like to
say here is please don’t take those 4 irregular patterns as doodling.
This is a rough topographic map of those 4 areas in the future. I will
not decode this part and would like everyone to figure out which
resembles which area…



Each geothermal area will be allocated with roughly same number of human beings. Then human beings in each area will be equally divided into a
group of Wisdom and Benevolence. Two types of human beings will work
hand in hand to rebuild the new homeland. They will continue to resist
the next disasters while progressing to the new civilization.



Certainly there must be a leader to guide people from the 4 areas to keep moving forward. I think this is also one of the purposes of this formation.
They are telling us what kind of human being the future leader is. So
let’s take another look at the formation. This is the answer, a tiger
footprint. This footprint explains the image of the leader who, like
Moses, will shepherd human beings to survive the disasters and march to
the new world. To be more precisely, the leader is the human beings with
the soul of Tiger from the Wisdom side. The Wisdom beings from the
Tiger tribe are like a compass guiding the world to proceed in the right



Meanwhile, the sharp tiger claws represent 4 tribes in the Wisdom side and the soft and warm paws are 4 tribes in the Benevolence. This also says that
in the progression to the new civilization, the Wisdom plays the part of
an unbeatable pioneers and the Benevolence is a comforting housekeeper
that makes people feel warm and relieved.  




Clock Says a Thousand Words. Crop Circle Appeared at Goettingen, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) Germany. Reported 14th Aug.

It’s easy to tell that this formation is a clock. But what in the world does the clock want to tell us? Could it be possible that something will happen at some point of time? Maybe we can decode this
formation in this direction.


First of all, let’s start with the Roman numeral XII. This means 12. And the 2 dots in the bottom of the clock should be 2 0s. So 2 → 0 means 20. Combining these two sets
of numbers we will have “2012”. So now we know the time is 2012. And
what will happen in this year? Let’s take another look at “XII”. “II”
means in the beginning of this incidence happening in 2012, there are
two separated groups. Following the movement of the short hand, we will
come to X representing the end. X is actually a cross here. We have been
talking about that those two groups will communicate and reach an
agreement in the end. Piece all information together, the whole message
is when the incidence starts in 2012, there are two separate and
individual groups in the world. But when the incidence comes to an end,
these two groups must communicate and unite together. Which two groups?
You might want to ask. Certainly are the seeds for the new
civilization—The Wisdom and Benevolence.



Then what will happen after those two united together? It is the adoption of the geothermal energy blown out from sinkholes as the primary energy
source. The way how geothermal energy is used is described as below:


Let’s look at the clock face, the 4 concaves at 12, 3, 6 & 9 are actually symbolizing sinkholes distributed in 4 zones on the earth. The short
hand is representing the channel by which the geothermal energy blown
out to the surface. Therefore, when the short hand passes through 3, 6, 9
& 12, it is like the geothermal energy is channeled to sinkholes
and blown out to the surface of ground so that the Wisdom and
Benevolence are able to use it. This also explains that geothermal
energy is not blowing out nonstop from sinkholes. There will be
intervals and 4 zones will take turns to use the geothermal energy from
sinkholes. Therefore, this formation is actually telling us the
situation of how human beings will use energy during 2012 to 2110, an
interim before we progress to the new civilization.




The original article is written in traditional Chinese by Crop Circle Decoder: H.K.D. Copyright 2010 Taiwan


Translator: Lisa C. Kuo 


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