♥ What Happens To Unwanted Dogs & Cats ♥

Ever wonder what happens to the dogs and cats that dont get adopted at shelters? Ever wonder what happens to the squirrels, rats, etc. that are exterminated from homes and other properties because they are a “nuisance”? The fatty acids and tallow in your makeup, barsoap and even petfood doesnt just come from livestock in the slaughterhouses-it comes from the billions of unwanted animals in the US. Dead dogs, cats, and rodents are boiled down (rendered) into a thick soup which is then used in some makeup and petfood and in most barsoap. If you ever see the term “rendered meat” as one of your petfood ingredients, it’s most likely the boiled down flea collars, ID tags, euthanization drugs and carcasses of cats and dogs who didnt get adopted at animal shelters.
six or seven million dogs and cats that are killed in animal shelters every year. The city of Los Angeles alone, for example, sends some two hundred tons of euthanized cats and dogs to a rendering plant every month. Added to the blend are the euthanized catch of animal control agencies, and road kill. (Road kill is not collected daily, and in the summer, the better road kill collection crews can generally smell it before they can see it.) When this gruesome mix is ground and steam-cooked, the lighter, fatty material floating to the top gets refined for use in such products as cosmetics, lubricants, soaps, candles, and waxes. The heavier protein material is dried and pulverized into a brown powder-about a quarter of which consists of fecal material. The powder is used as an additive to almost all pet food as well as to livestock feed.

Do you really know what your pet ate last night? You will be SHOCKED to learn what’s legally allowed in pet food.

America process dogs amd cats into human food and cosmetics


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