Pregnancy Tips

VRM: Pregnancy Tips
Posted by Rainbow Warrior Mariah on October 20, 2010 at 10:14am in General
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VRM: Pregnancy Tips
VRM: Pregnancy Tips

20th April 2010 –
By Joel Lord

I was recently alerted by a newly pregnant mother of a child with Autism for tips on minerals & vitamins to help strengthen her immune system
during the coming months. She believes vaccines were the cause of her
child’s Autism and has begun a shift away from her GP.
Based on all my research thus far this is what I sent her:
I would recommend you find as many natural sources of vitamins and mineral that you can. Best source of FOLIC ACID comes from RAW Organic leafy greens. Make this a frequent snacking food. Seek out
the darker organic varieties from your local co-op; however avoid
Iceberg lettuce which has zero nutritional value.
Natural sources always provide the healthiest benefits to the body. You also want to consider store bought folic acid does have certain side effects for some including nausea, insomnia, decreased
appetite, flatulence, abdominal distension, difficulty concentrating and
some bitter taste in the tongue. It has been said that taking too much
folic acid can lead to B-12 deficiency masking that can possibly lead to
irreversible damage. Also, overdose can be quite dangerous to
epileptics as they have been seen to cause seizures. Allergic reactions
have also been reported in a few cases.
Some other restoratives that should be high on your list:
VITAMIN C & D3 (both are EXTREMELY important and you should be taking a high quality brand of each)
NOTE: Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone, VITAL, will give your fetus a real fighting chance during early development and stave off future signs of cancer.
VITAMIN E, the natural form that is high in gamma-E will help dampen immune reactions and reduces several of the potential inflammatory cytokines.
CURCUMIN is recommended as an anti-inflammatory, also clears the Amyloid Plaques of Alzheimer’s Disease and prevents neuro-degenerative disease. Another AMAZING power source that will give
your child a big boost in life and stave off a host of disorders
including Autism. Found in Tumeric.
PS. Obviously I also recommend you avoid ALL vaccines from here on in. you have to protect your Placenta & your baby. Also stop using Fluoride immediately (if you are in the habit of using it).
Sodium Fluoride is actually a toxic by-product of Aluminum. You MUST
make a concerted effort to keep all Aluminum, Mercury & other toxic
heavy metals completely out of your body. Activated Charcoal will fully
cleanse your system of many such toxins. N-Acetyl Cysteine is also
highly touted for chelation.
Some other foods – eat KALE, CILANTRO & CELERY every day. RAW. Kale is an amazing source of anti-oxidant. The best. Celantro is one of the best natural ways to absorb heavy metals from the body.
Celery, not dairy, constitutes the true source of Calcium bones need for
healthy development.
LAETRILE is very significant to overall health. Try to eat APPLE SEEDS (or apricot, peach, plum, cherry, nectarine, almond seeds) as often as possible.
Laetrile or Vitamin B17 technically belongs to a family of compounds called cyanogenic glycosides. The FDA officially banned Laetrile from interstate commerce in 1971 – probably because it works so
well and is readily available in your garden. You won’t need a doctor’s
permission slip to access this self-styled curative.
In the middle of a peach or apricot is a hard shell. If you break open the hard shell with a nut cracker, pliers or hammer, you will find a small seed/kernel in the middle that looks like an almond.
However, it is much softer than an almond and certainly does not taste
like an almond. It is this seed that is rich in natural laetrile.

While you’re still breast-feeding by the way you need to boost your own system with Potassium daily. BANANAS!!
NOTE: Pregnant women are at a heightened risk of adverse reactions to vaccines. Thimerosal Mercury is added to the H1N1 series ostensibly to sterilize the giant multi-dose vats containing the serum.
Mercury is such a fine neuro-toxin it gets absorbed into the Placenta
thereby exposing the fetus, regardless of which trimester, to the
potential of serious trauma & long-term side effects including
asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, autism, schizophrenia and unfortunately in certain cases, even death.
I personally use this regime every day to maintain my immune system:
COLLOIDAL SILVER – super natural antibiotic, aids in prevention of Morgellans Disease, counters barium damage from chem-trails

ORGANIC OIL OF OREGANO – counters harmful bacteria
ORGANIC COCONUT OIL – natural detoxifier, anti fungal agent
NONI JUICE – amazing product, life giver, restores the Pineal Gland neutralized by exposure to Fluoride
ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – reduces high blood pressure, restores alkaline balance in body

These are also excellent considerations for your regular regime,
ASTAXANTHIN – Miracle Antioxidant, anti-Inflammatory nutrient, king of the Carotenoids
CULEVIT – cancer fighter/natural treatment alternative to chemotherapy, best used in conjunction with Noni Juice
ORGANIC PROBIOTIC YOGURT (OR KEFIR IF YOU WANT TO AVOID DAIRY) – rebuilds bacteria lost in process of cleansing
ORGANIC GARLIC – anti fungal agent
TEA TREE OIL – topical, add drop to your Tom’s Fluoride free toothpaste to eradicate bacterial build-up in mouth, also good for the hair
STAR ANISE – natural anti viral protection
Sugar free diet is also essential – Refined sugar triggers a gyroscopic mineral imbalance. Also avoid Trans Fats, and empty your fridge of all GMO food.
The Thyroid is weakened & neutralized by processed food & white sugars, All sorts of problems can occur. Diabetes 2 is common amongst the youngest & most vulnerable. So that means a
healthy Thyroid on your part will also greatly benefit your baby. Take
The Thyroid Gland is key to overall health. Produces T3 & T4 hormones (Iodine Atoms). T3 & T4 regulate body temperature & metabolic rate of every cell in the body (biochemical reactivity).
Absolutely no Tylenol or Aspirins. This is important so read carefully.
“Tylenol uses up glutathione (GSH) stores and metabolites of acetaminophen accumulates causing direct damage to liver cells. You want their glutathione levels to be optimum because GSH main purpose is for
detoxifying and eliminating heavy metals and other environmental toxins.
It is essential for the function of the gut, maintains Vitamins C and
E, maintains mitochondrial integrity, protects against intracellular
viruses and so much more. Anything that compromises the level of
glutathione needed to maintain health like Tylenol should be avoided.” Brian Jepson, MD
‘People who take NSAIDs (aspirin) for prolonged periods of time can develop several GI side effects, such as stomach aches, indigestion, or even ulcers. Ulcers can eventually lead to GI bleeding or may even perforate, spilling the
contents of the stomach or small intestine into the sterile abdominal
cavity. Every time they come in with bleeding, they have a 10% chance of
dying.’ Dr. Joseph Mercola
For those concerned the synergy of the various ingredients in the regime will take care of any fever naturally. Anti-inflammatory supplements are key. Your standard headache medication not only
suppresses the fever (which is critical to getting well again – an
essential part of the body’s own natural healing process) but it also
destroys the liver over time, can cause sudden bleeding & depletes
the lungs of Vitamin C by depriving their white blood cells &
lymphicides of it.
That being said there is an alternate method for a more urgent solution to headaches/pain:
Cayenne Pepper Ointment – Natural Pain Reliever
1. Add – pinch Cayenne Pepper, 1 ounce Bees Wax or lard
2. Blend in hot water & apply contents on sore area topically
Studies have shown that the level of mercury in the umbilical cord blood of newborns is 1.7 tim…. Eating fish just two or more times a week has been found to raise mercury levels seven times beyond those in women who had not eaten any
fish for a month, according to the CDC.
5 of the best ways to chelate accumulated heavy metals out of body: 1) Activated Charcoal, 2) Chlorella, 3) Zeolite Rock Powder, 4) Kale, 5) Cilantro.
Also comb through these links in particular for further products to AVOID as well as safe alternatives to vaccines necessary to maintain optimum health throughout your pregnancy.
Health Matters:
Safe Alternatives To Vaccines:
NOTE: It isn’t necessary to take all of these supplements to reap the optimum benefits. But the synergy of those that you do choose will hopefully be very healthful. It’s a question of balance.

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